The Rules of Engagement!

The game is simple! – See that poor freshly beheaded chap in grid square Y21?

You got it! the rest of him is spiralling through the air, somewhere on this picture after his latest encounter with a very zealous Roman soldier – your job here is to work out, exactly where his head is in the midst of this fray !

Take a good look at the picture and when you’re ready, pop your email address and grid reference guess into the form below the image and click submit!

How will we choose a winner

Everyone who guesses the correct square (or, those that are collectively closest to the correct grid square) will be entered into the draw, the winner of which we will announce on the 31st of August 2021 to win a massive Warlord Games bundle of goodies (where you’ll have so many heads to play with , because clearly that’s your thing)! worth up to £300 retail!

The Prize!

We’re going to give you the chance to build your ultimate bundle, for any games system, featuring any Warlord Games products you want, up to the value of £300 , from our web store!

Good Luck!

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